Direct and buro QSL cards will be available in February at the earliest.

QSL manager is LA9VDA, Trond Johannessen

  • OQRS (Online QSL Request System) Preferred method!
    OQRS will be possible (Direct US$3 or Bureau free) via the:

  • Direct QSL(If you for some reason can’t use the OQRS system)
    Requirement is US$3 and a Self Addressed Envelope. Do not send coins.
    Please send your Direct QSL request to:
    Helgedalen 13
    N-1528 MOSS
  • QSL via Bureau (Last resort! If you for some reason can’t use the OQRS system. Your card is really not needed you know!)
    Please send your card via bureau to our QSL manager: LA9VDA or send an email with all details to:
  • LOTW (Logbook of The World)
    LoTW uploads will be done frequently.

In case you have a question for the QSL manager. Please use the form below.

ONLY QSL related issues (He is not involved with organizing.)

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QSL cards…

Photo: Kjell Jøran Hansen – Reine, Lofoten

Photo: Camilla Nystad – Sirdal