Posted by on April 21, 2017

This easter LM80REX operated from various locations on Haugalandet in Rogaland, Norway.
A total of 199 QSO’s were made both from the LA4C club station and from places in the nature.

We visited the SOTA summits LA/RL-310 Sandvikfjellet and SOTA LA/RL-303 Krokvassnuten, as well as LAFF-0118 Tornesvatnet. Both Sandvikfjellet and Tornesvatnet were first activations, and we thank all who chased us at all the locations.

73 LB4FH Kjetil


LA4C Club Station


SOTA LA-RL-303 Krokvassnuten

SOTA LA-RL-310 Sandvikfjellet

SOTA LA-RL-310 Sandvikfjellet

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